Sprinkle fun

This holiday I made my own sugar sprinkles to try and avoid the synthetic dyes they add to conventional ones.
I tried making several colors: red, orange, and green.

For red I made a paste out of beet puree following this procedure.

For orange I made a paste out of carrot juice.

And for green I attempted using spinach and it was a complete fail.

I added the paste to a baggie with Turbinado sugar (since I didn’t want to spring for sanding sugar), following this procedure.

The results:


The beet juice resulted in a more red-purple color than true red, but close enough for turkeys.

The orange would have perhaps worked with the sanding sugar but with the turbinado you couldn’t really tell the difference.

And yeah, the spinach I gave up on.

I think in the future I’m going to either buy natural dye or already dyed sprinkles from Maggie’s Naturals!


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Domestic Goddess

Some days I can’t get out of my own way, and others I feel like a Domestic Goddess.
Today’s one of the latter days!
I made my own colored sugar crystals for my kiddo who can’t tolerate artificial coloring,
I made my own peppermint lip balm – next up looking for a vegan wax for those who don’t like Baby Bee Bits in their lip balm (sorry, Hazel! I’m learning!)


And then I made my own kind of KIND bars that were good but still need more tweaking, and I know how to fix it!
AND I cleaned up….most of it!! That shea butter pan is going to be a killer! 😉


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CSA vs. Farmer’s Market Experimenting

The results of my CSA “Experiment” weren’t so hot.
I wasted soooo much food at the end of the summer share. I just got too overwhelmed with so many “new” foods in my box that even my tried and true foods just wilted and became compost; there was just so much I didn’t get to.
I’ll hit the farmer’s markets harder now that I know what I like, but I think what I take home has to be on my terms, not the farmer’s!
The week when we had kohlrabi, collards, cabbage, romaine, fennel, and something else green – really drove the point home – it was just too much experimenting for me!
I definitely found out that I DO like kale in my smoothies (I can hear my Aunt grimacing from here) and I ended up liking beets and beet greens…..for about 2 weeks (then I got sick of them!)
I probably was the most happy when I received purple potatoes because they were just so cool! But I don’t even want to calculate what amount of waste I had – and that’s with sharing the bounty with my neighbor and family at times (“Hey Grandpa, before you leave, take a cabbage!”)
I want to do more eating local – I’m loving the fresh eggs I get and as long as I don’t drive by the cows I love the fresh beef!


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Best laid plans….

I had great aspirations for getting so much done today. I’m going to hit Aldis to start prepping for the bake sale we’re having to sponsor the cat shelter on Saturday. I’m going to get my Bikini Body Mommy workout in and maybe even a PiYo workout in, too, I’m going to clean (unearth!) the kitchen. I’m going to get last week’s to-do list done.
And Toby is home sick.
And maybe not even real sick. But I can’t fight it today. This week he is “star of the week” so if he says he’s sick (although all last week he said it too) I’m going to just have to take his word on it.
I’m hoping he gets bored of being in his room all day and goes in by 10:00!
Until then, I guess I could clean the kitchen…..

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All My Fault(s)

Today has been a day of listing out all of my faults.
1st: My veins are “insufficient” (http://www.sirweb.org/patients/varicose-veins/) yippee! More health crap to deal with!
2nd: I am too short. Target’s skirts, even the XS one, all drag on the ground for me. Perhaps when they are treating the veins they can lengthen my legs?
3rd: I cannot read a calendar. I sat waiting for an appointment for 20 mins before checking my email and seeing that it was *next* Friday. And I paid for a babysitter for this privilege!
4th: I am clumsy – I dropped the kitchen timer (again!) in the soup pot.
I think I’m heading to bed before I discover #5!
Oh, wait!
5th: I’m pessimistic!

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LinkedIn Shenanigans

LinkedIn keeps trying to get me to endorse people for skills I’ve never observed or even known they’ve had.  Do employers actually go “oh, good, 6 people have endorsed Rochelle’s groundwater skills therefore let’s hire her!”

So, I took a look at my profile and see that, although I’m sure it’s well-meaning, a bunch of people have endorsed me for not only skills they have never witnessed, but skills I didn’t know I had or can define!



So is this even useful?  I cannot be the only one who gets endorsed for keywords in their resume by well-meaning friends, or people they don’t even know how they ended up in their network, who really don’t know how awesome my “soil skills” are.



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8 years of fun

The second week in May is always Birthday Week!

First up was Toby’s Birth Day, Friday

Trip to Dairy Queen


Followed by more ice cream (cake)


Then Saturday we had an awesome Glow in the Dark Explorations Birthday Party at the Ecotarium.

IMG_1754 IMG_1755 IMG_1762


And Rounded out with a fun family party on Sunday.



Happy 8th Birthday, Toby!

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