Color to dye for

In my ever-present efforts to avoid artificial dyes in our food, here were my Valentine’s (well, the Day-After-Valentine’s) Day cookie experiment results:
First Up!

Sugared Sprinkles.

On the Left is my own dyed with beets, a cute purple color.

On the Right are “red” sprinkles I bought from Maggie’s Naturals.  They were orange/reddish before baking, but baking the cookie (with an egg wash) turned the sprinkles brown/red/green.  It wasn’t a ton of work and I like the purple so I’ll stick with my beets, but I’m still at a loss of what to do for red!



Light frosting/glaze

I made the glaze with powdered sugar, almond milk, and a speck of pureed beets.  Color gets progressively lighter (better!) the more sugar I add!

IMG_4849So, beets are in, red is out.  I do have a Maggie’s green sprinkles which is okay


(the top is conventional sprinkles, the bottom is Maggie’s) and bought their orange dye, but not happy with their red and the India Tree liquid I’ve used in the past just looks brown!


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