Sprinkle fun

This holiday I made my own sugar sprinkles to try and avoid the synthetic dyes they add to conventional ones.
I tried making several colors: red, orange, and green.

For red I made a paste out of beet puree following this procedure.

For orange I made a paste out of carrot juice.

And for green I attempted using spinach and it was a complete fail.

I added the paste to a baggie with Turbinado sugar (since I didn’t want to spring for sanding sugar), following this procedure.

The results:


The beet juice resulted in a more red-purple color than true red, but close enough for turkeys.

The orange would have perhaps worked with the sanding sugar but with the turbinado you couldn’t really tell the difference.

And yeah, the spinach I gave up on.

I think in the future I’m going to either buy natural dye or already dyed sprinkles from Maggie’s Naturals!


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