CSA vs. Farmer’s Market Experimenting

The results of my CSA “Experiment” weren’t so hot.
I wasted soooo much food at the end of the summer share. I just got too overwhelmed with so many “new” foods in my box that even my tried and true foods just wilted and became compost; there was just so much I didn’t get to.
I’ll hit the farmer’s markets harder now that I know what I like, but I think what I take home has to be on my terms, not the farmer’s!
The week when we had kohlrabi, collards, cabbage, romaine, fennel, and something else green – really drove the point home – it was just too much experimenting for me!
I definitely found out that I DO like kale in my smoothies (I can hear my Aunt grimacing from here) and I ended up liking beets and beet greens…..for about 2 weeks (then I got sick of them!)
I probably was the most happy when I received purple potatoes because they were just so cool! But I don’t even want to calculate what amount of waste I had – and that’s with sharing the bounty with my neighbor and family at times (“Hey Grandpa, before you leave, take a cabbage!”)
I want to do more eating local – I’m loving the fresh eggs I get and as long as I don’t drive by the cows I love the fresh beef!



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3 responses to “CSA vs. Farmer’s Market Experimenting

  1. I had pretty much the same conclusion with CSAs. I did discover some new produce that we loved but overall it just wasn’t worth the waste when I could just make a conscious effort to try something new at the farmers market.

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