LinkedIn Shenanigans

LinkedIn keeps trying to get me to endorse people for skills I’ve never observed or even known they’ve had.  Do employers actually go “oh, good, 6 people have endorsed Rochelle’s groundwater skills therefore let’s hire her!”

So, I took a look at my profile and see that, although I’m sure it’s well-meaning, a bunch of people have endorsed me for not only skills they have never witnessed, but skills I didn’t know I had or can define!



So is this even useful?  I cannot be the only one who gets endorsed for keywords in their resume by well-meaning friends, or people they don’t even know how they ended up in their network, who really don’t know how awesome my “soil skills” are.




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2 responses to “LinkedIn Shenanigans

  1. After “people asking to be connected to me” that I have never heard of, this is my second biggest complaint about LinkedIn. Yeah….my mother-in-law has endorsed me for “tax credit housing” and someone from the old playgroup for “Yardi skills.” So I am going to endorse you for…..soil sampling, that’s it! And you can feel free to endorse me for Subsidy and Voucher processing.

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