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LinkedIn Shenanigans

LinkedIn keeps trying to get me to endorse people for skills I’ve never observed or even known they’ve had.  Do employers actually go “oh, good, 6 people have endorsed Rochelle’s groundwater skills therefore let’s hire her!”

So, I took a look at my profile and see that, although I’m sure it’s well-meaning, a bunch of people have endorsed me for not only skills they have never witnessed, but skills I didn’t know I had or can define!



So is this even useful?  I cannot be the only one who gets endorsed for keywords in their resume by well-meaning friends, or people they don’t even know how they ended up in their network, who really don’t know how awesome my “soil skills” are.




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8 years of fun

The second week in May is always Birthday Week!

First up was Toby’s Birth Day, Friday

Trip to Dairy Queen


Followed by more ice cream (cake)


Then Saturday we had an awesome Glow in the Dark Explorations Birthday Party at the Ecotarium.

IMG_1754 IMG_1755 IMG_1762


And Rounded out with a fun family party on Sunday.



Happy 8th Birthday, Toby!

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