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So yesterday I made a few experiments with yeast.  First up:

Whole Wheat Amish Bread –  by


I am THRILLED how this came out!  I’ve tried yeast breads in the past, and even in my bread machine had a 50/50 success rate.  This was super easy, and most of the work was done with my good ol’ reliable Kitchen Aid mixer.  I need to work on how it looks in the pan, but other than that it was so good!

Next up – Cinnamon Raisin Bagels from

Now this I did not think was a win.  It was labor intensive – measuring each ball of dough, rolling it out, pinch pinch pinching it and still my output looked like this:


But the reviews from the normally picky crowd?  Loved it!  Loved it so much that the only one left was the weirdest looking one thus the picture.

So, maybe I won’t make them as often as I plan on making the bread, but perhaps I could be cajoled into making more if I actually get praise! 🙂

Toby told me that the house smelled like a “strawberry filled donut” – I guess he thinks donuts when he smells yeast.  House still smells delicious a day later!




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