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Vegan Pumpkin Pie

So, I made this vegan pumpkin pie:


with this pat-in-the-pan crust:

(made with almond milk, keeping with the vegan theme…although I almost forgot!) because I hate, hate, hate to roll

And it was great!  Perhaps the pie didn’t firm as much as a normal pumpkin pie, but I really didn’t miss the eggs or evap. milk.


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Parenting isn’t for the weak

Lately I just haven’t been up to snuff on this whole parenting gig. Max is a challenge, Toby is wild, and I’m just beat.
Max has been taking around 1:15 to go to bed at night – with a whole routine of nursing, then rolling around, then nursing, then kicking me in the face…..etc. At the end of the 1:15 I’m so exhausted that I fall asleep around 9:15, and get no alone time nor anything done. And it’s not like when I wake up I feel well rested – instead I feel like I was crawled on all night; and sometimes I am!
Last night Max whined all day. ALL DAY. I gave him a dose of Advil because he is either getting in molars or perhaps his horns and forked tail. Didn’t change anything. He clung to me like a monkey for the entire evening, and damn, he’s heavy! I decided to get him to bed early – which really just resulted in spending an hour on the routine and having to give it up because it was Toby’s bedtime, and James was driving home from New Jersey.
So, Max is P-O’ed that I dare try to take care of someone other than his royal highness, and apparently when I tell Toby to get his PJs on it really means hang out in your underwear. Toby was actually pretty good but maybe that’s because I didn’t even attempt the “calm voice” because I was way too mad from Max – so Drill Sergeant voice it was. And hey, look at that. After getting Toby down I get to start ALL OVER AGAIN with Max! I gave him an hour and then I started googling “benadryl to get kids to sleep.” I gave him 10 more minutes then I went and got the bottle. But I couldn’t do it – I can’t drug him to sleep (okay, I did try Rescue Remedy….but that’s a little less harsh!)
I should have just drugged myself and been done with it.
And yeah, I fell asleep.
Fun night.
When I did wake up, I immediately emailed the babysitter I NEED YOU!!! I don’t care where I go, but I need to get away from these animals!


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