Fat Be-Gone!

I love making chicken soup, and I find it comes out best when I use a whole chicken.  But oh, the chicken fat when you cook it with the skin on!  Even taking most of it off you’re still left with a lot of fat.

A trick I was taught while working in a nursing home kitchen – place wax paper down on top of the HOT broth, and once it cools, the fat magically peels away.  Don’t believe me??  See here:


hot, naked soup!


I know it seems very OCD, but if you match the wax paper up exactly to the bowl you get much better results. If you try and fold the paper down and scrunch it and stuff you get a mess!



cut inside your line….and try to keep your soup sharpie-free!


hot soup covered with waxed paper


COLD soup covered with waxed paper – see what’s stuck to it?


but, it’s going in the trash, not in you!

Whenever I’m too lazy to do this I always am cursing myself the next day as I try and scoop fat off of the broth.  It really works!



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2 responses to “Fat Be-Gone!

  1. I am going to try this the next time I make soup!

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