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Last call for Popcorn!

Boy Scouts across the country are selling popcorn to help their packs afford to do cool things. My kid is working hard selling popcorn, too!

If, somehow, you have managed to escape the numerous kerchief-clad boys and actually do want popcorn (they have savory kinds, sweet kinds, yum!) then please check out the following!

For local people you can save a little bit of money by checking out this price sheet here: and emailing me your order. Payment isn’t due until delivery.

An option for you out-of-towners is through this link:

You do have to pay shipping and it looks like they upped the prices by $5 – if you’re opposed to that I could work something out with the local form and I can figure out shipping which should be cheaper. The smaller items (not the boxed gift sets) I can priority mail for about $6 cross-country.



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Fat Be-Gone!

I love making chicken soup, and I find it comes out best when I use a whole chicken.  But oh, the chicken fat when you cook it with the skin on!  Even taking most of it off you’re still left with a lot of fat.

A trick I was taught while working in a nursing home kitchen – place wax paper down on top of the HOT broth, and once it cools, the fat magically peels away.  Don’t believe me??  See here:


hot, naked soup!


I know it seems very OCD, but if you match the wax paper up exactly to the bowl you get much better results. If you try and fold the paper down and scrunch it and stuff you get a mess!



cut inside your line….and try to keep your soup sharpie-free!


hot soup covered with waxed paper


COLD soup covered with waxed paper – see what’s stuck to it?


but, it’s going in the trash, not in you!

Whenever I’m too lazy to do this I always am cursing myself the next day as I try and scoop fat off of the broth.  It really works!


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