It’s that time of year….

I realize that there are tons and tons of school fundraisers out there, so I understand if you’re already overwhelmed.  If you have room in your life for more popcorn, holiday pies, or coupon booklets, though, Toby (and I!) would appreciate you taking a look!!!!!

ImageFirst up – popcorn sales! 

Boy Scouts across the country are selling popcorn to help their packs afford to do cool things.

There are a couple of ways to go about this – personal or online sales. For local people you can save a little bit of money by checking out this price sheet here: and emailing me your order.  If you have a paypal account you can pay me that way or by giving me a check.

An option for you out-of-towners is through this link:

You do have to pay shipping and it looks like they upped the prices by $5 –  if you’re opposed to that I could work something out with the local form and I can figure out shipping which should be cheaper.  The smaller items (not the boxed gift sets) I can priority mail for about $6 cross-country.

Next up is the Special Education Parent Advisory Council Pie Sale.This is a huge hit – saves a lot of baking time around Thanksgiving!Here’s the link to the order form: SEPAC Pie Order Form

Again, you can paypal me or send me a check, or send it to Lori directly with the instructions that I will pick it up for you.  Yes, I will clean out my freezer just for you!

And lastly, to support Boylston’s PTO, is a fundraiser offering coupon books:

In Massachusetts you can save money at Toys“R”Us ($5 off $25 4x a year), Shaws ($5 off of $50 x2), Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sears, Loft, Children’s Place,  + more! Our school is selling KidStuff Coupon Books for $25! KidStuff ships all editions to our school and I can coordinate it so you get it! See all 20 editions in PA, NY, NJ, MD, OH, MA, CT, IL, MN, TX, and DE at

Thank you for hearing me out – I know that everyone is bombarded with fundraisers so I appreciate your time!


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