Don’t Mess With Perfection

After a frustrating night with Max (which is coming on top of a frustrating 2 weeks – is he teething or sprouting a tail and devil horns?) I self-medicated with crêpes, which really just means I needed a way of eating a lot of nutella without making it look like I was just eating nutella.
I always make my Don’t Mess With Perfection Crêpes as I’ve tried modifying the recipe and really, it is just too good. It’s from when I stayed with a family in France while in High School and it’s just awesome.
But what I found is you really need the right pan. I love, love, love my Green Pan
Green Pan
– it makes the crêpes the perfect size and even though I do butter the surface you don’t have to – it’s super nonstick.

I have an Orgreenic pan, too, and it works well, but I did find the grey-coated Green Pan my fave.
So yeah, I eat when stressed, and since I have kids, I’m stressed a lot!


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