Home cooking….from a bottle

For dinner tonight I wanted to make a mix of  Allrecipe’s Peanut Noodles” and Lilias’ Sesame Noodles but with Max’s screwed up naps today I didn’t have time to go out and buy green onions.  No problem, I thought, I’m used to substitutions.  It won’t be ideal, but I figured I could use plain white onion.  Until I discover that I must have tossed my sesame oil since it was old.  How the hell am I going to do this without green onions or sesame oil?

I found that, while racing through Stop & Shop and apparently not label-reading, I grabbed a bottle of this:


It has all of the ingredients I needed to add – garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil – with the added bonus of MSG, caramel coloring, and natural flavors.  Whoops!  Yeah, I don’t normally add those, but it came out great, and in a pinch it works!

As an aside, James and I loved it.  Toby told me it was a crappy dinner.  Delightful!




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2 responses to “Home cooking….from a bottle

  1. Ha! Charlie asked me today if ‘this slimy slop is really our lunch?!’ Today. From the mouths of babes…which is really a way of saying, ‘if an adult said that-you’d call then an asshole.’

  2. Can’t please everyone! My son acts like it’s the END of the WORLD when I serve grown up food. lol

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