Culinary Discoveries

This week’s culinary discoveries have been:

1. You can cook corn in the microwave  Where have I been all these years!  It comes out perfectly – if you follow the cooking time table.  We had great corn without waiting (what feels like) eons for the water to boil, heating up the whole house!

2. They sell half turkey breasts.  I got a super duper deal on half turkey breasts (I’ll admit I bought 4 – I love turkey so much!) and they’re stupidly easy to cook.  Plus, I have a convection microwave so again, I got away without heating up the whole house.  I could eat turkey every week but I hate the cleaning of the bird, the cleaning up after cooking, the time it takes to cook, and how it heats up the house.  I pretty much solved all of that!

(and if I happened to throw a batch of magic cookie bars in the convection oven while it was hot who could blame me???  they perhaps didn’t come out as well done as in the regular oven but it doesn’t really matter with them!)


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  1. Everybody makes a big deal about how to cook a turkey . There are all sorts of methods people swear by to keep their turkey moist and succulent. From brining to deep-frying to buying organic or heritage turkeys, I’ve heard them all and tried most of them. And I’ve come to believe the simplest methods are often the best. Such is the case with this recipe. As this turkey is roasting, the whole house smells delicious. A compound butter mixture is rubbed under the turkey’s skin to keep it moist.

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