Brotherly Love?

So, today Max and I attempted to go to the toddler program at the Shrewsbury libray.  We’ve gone to a few programs like this with varying amounts of success.  Today was frustrating.

I thought the librarian was fairly engaging and interesting – I understand Max getting a little bored during the reading of the story, but even during fun and interactive songs Max was determined to escape out of one of the two exit doors.  Like, one-track-mind escape.  And he’s done this before, but that was at a boring music program!  I’m not expecting sitting still listening with rapt attention but damn boy stay in the room!

I want to give him a little benefit of the doubt – it was very close to naptime and he was wet, but I just have flashbacks to when Toby was little and Toby did this and even though I love Toby with all of my heart oh please don’t let Max be ADHD!  I am sick of the fighting and the attitude and the energy and the medicine and then the “oh you give him medicine you bad parent!” and everything associated with it.  And I know, I do, truly, that there are so many worse conditions to have than ADHD but when you’re in the midst of it it can truly suck.  Toby usually is more of a drain on me than Max is, and more work.

So, we left, as he clearly was more interested in roaming the halls than singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider (actually, he paused for that) but not without being stressed and frustrated and determined to to pass on these genes to any more progeny!


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  1. Oh! Those days are so frustrating! You are a great mom, making the decisions that are best for you and yours.

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