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Pink Eye

Pink Eye…

Baby’s got, pink eye…

All crunchy moms know the cure for pink eye is breast milk.

Max decided to pay me back – he puked spitup IN my eye.

Damn does that burn!


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Old blog

My old posts are located at if you’re interested in my blatherings.

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June 7, 2012 · 1:59 am

Girlfriend Voicemail

We’ve used Vonage for years, and really have had no problems with it.

They’ve started a new translation service to their voicemail – they very rarely get it right.  But, it’s always good for a laugh!

“Hi James, this is your girlfriend at lunch I am calling you and I told you know, you know, just me. Well I am right now at the Dominican Republic. I will try to contact you a little bit later on. Okay thank you for your time and the doctor and I needed to”

(His name was Raoul!)

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